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Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Fast Genetics is a global leader in the pig genetics business. Fast Genetics provides highly prolific maternal lines and terminal lines that have unrivaled carcass value, meat quality, and growth characteristics. For over 30 years, Fast Genetics has been at the forefront of innovation in regard to biosecurity, genetics, and health. Fast Genetics leads the industry in supplying its customers with healthy and world-class performing breeding stock.

Fast Genetics was founded by Dr. Harold Fast and Marjorie Fast in 1982. The first site was constructed near the town of Spiritwood, Saskatchewan. Today, Fast Genetics’ nucleus sites remain located near Spiritwood, Saskatchewan due to its isolation from other pig operations and biosecurity advantages gained from its geographical remoteness.

Fast Genetics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HyLife, located in La Broquerie, Manitoba, Canada. HyLife produces pigs in Canada and the United States and markets meat globally. HyLife uses Fast Genetics’ program on its 60,000 plus sows to produce over 1,600,000 market hogs annually. HyLife owns a modern pork processing facility in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada. Fast Genetics understands genetics from farrow-to-plate due to its economically-driven and validated, integrated business model.

Fast Genetics is equipped to supply the Chinese and Asian market with breeding stock through its joint-venture partner Tianzow of Chongqing, China or by direct export from Canada. Today, Tianzow has over 30,000 sows in nucleus and multiplication throughout China.

To learn more about HyLife or Tianzow visit www.hylife.com or www.tianzow.com.

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